Coppa Stadio, a beautiful project by Zetafonts created to celebrate the centenary of Aldo Novarese’s birth. For this occasion, Zetafonts digitized Stadio (an unpublished typeface by Aldo Novarese) and allowed us to use it as a preview for the creation of football-themed posters.

20 designers / graphic studios, one for each Italian regions, each representing their own region. Among these 20 great names of Italian graphic design, I was invited to represent Basilicata.

Despite not being a football fan, it was really nice to deal with this topic by merging ultras songs, iconography of the religious and pagan tradition of my city.

Take a look at the whole project at Frizzifrizzi

Type Directors Club 68

Designers:All Fonts Are Bastards (Lazio), Arnica Design (Valle d’Aosta), Basiq Design (Friuli), Davide Pagliardini (Liguria), Dopolavoro (Campania), Fra! Design (Calabria), Happycentro (Veneto), Leftloft (Lombardia), Mister Gatto (Marche), Mooggeene (Sardegna), Muttnik (Toscana), Bob Liuzzo (Sicilia), Francesco Paternoster (Basilicata), Francesca Perpetuini (Abruzzo), Rupert Graphic (Emilia), Giovanni Stillittano (Trentino), Studio 23.56 (Piemonte), Sunday Büro (Puglia), Testimanifesti (Molise), Zup Design (Umbria).

Francesco Paternoster - graphic designer
P.IVA 01377050776